Premium quality switchboards manufacturers in India

A switchboard actually refers to a large number of things. It is utilised by a wide range of industries for varied applications and usages. Switchboards find their applications in printed circuit boards (PCB), mixing consoles, electricity distribution frameworks, and computing etc.


Simplifying more, a switchboard is a device used by any individual or an organization to connect different electricity lines or even telephone lines. For example, when you call a particular company to talk to someone specific out there, the operator redirects you to the appropriate line. This operator is known as switchboard operator. Of course, the switchboards used in this type of set up are designed and developed to serve telephone related purposes.


As far as electronic switchboards are concerned, their functions vary immensely. They are actually the devices that are used for supplying electric current from one point to the next. It can be better defined as an amalgamation of diverse panels, each one equipped with some switches capacitating the power to be efficiently diverted.


The primary functionality of switchboards is to partition off the principal current passing through the switchboards into compacter electricity current for further balanced allocation, preservation, measurement and even conversion of these diverse currents waves. Switchboards carry out allocation of power to control equipment, transformers and panel boards.


There was a time in India when even an average quality switchboard used to be imported from abroad to serve specific purposes. But today, Indian t safe switchboard manufacturers have earned a formidable reputation both in domestic and global markets. These manufacturers have state-of-the-art manufacturing units, all equipped with the latest software to make working effective, efficient and flawless.


Some of the prominent t safe switchboard suppliers also have one-of-a-kind pro-panel software which empowers them to plan inventories of C class items and come up with innovative products having high precision.


Highlights of manufacturing and infrastructural prowess:

  • In-house research and development as well as designing facility
  • Latest CAD/CAM technology and customized technology including Elecdes, Pro-E, Solid Edge, Primavera, AP100, Biloma & ESMS
  • State-of-the-art tools and equipment for precision workmanship
  • Trained engineers by OEMS on their latest offerings
  • Special focus on designing futuristic, communicable and smart products
  • Pledge to achieve excellence in product, process and service.
  • Stringent in-process quality checks in place
  • Deployment of total quality ensuring methods such as Lean & Flow manufacturing.

The premium quality switchboards manufactured and supplied by Indian manufacturers not only serve casual purposes they are meant to do, but also help users to analyze their energy consumption trends. Customer centric approach, determination to take initiative, commitment to earn customers’ trust by keeping promises, teamwork and relentless improvement are what capacitate Indian switchboard manufactures to outshine globally.







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